• Walter Williams: Are Guns the Problem – When I attended primary and secondary school — during the 1940s and ’50s — one didn’t hear of the kind of shooting mayhem that’s become routine today. Why? It surely wasn’t because of strict firearm laws. My replica of the 1902 Sears mail-order catalog shows 35 pages of firearm advertisements. People just sent in their money, and a firearm was shipped.
  • Larry Elder: “Gun Culture”…What About the “Fatherless Culture” – The face of gun violence is not Sandy Hook. It is Chicago.  In 2012, President Barack Obama’s adopted hometown had 506 murders, including more than 60 children. Philadelphia, a city that local television newscasters frequently call ‘Killadelphia,” saw 331 killed last year. In Detroit, 386 people were murdered.
  • Nadra Enzi:  Gun Buns Offer Affirmative Action for Thugs – A few years ago a group of ne’er do wells tried breaking into my home and the abandoned house next door.  My steel security door kept them from getting in and the shotgun I held was waiting if they somehow successfully broke in.
  • Stepehen Nuno: Obama’s Gun Control Proposals Fail to Address the Violence in our Streets – Dead minorities aren’t really a problem for this country; otherwise we would be having a much different conversation about gun violence in America. Minorities are more likely to be victims of homicide…yet that has not reached the level of national discussion evoked by the massacre in Connecticut.
  • Silvio Canto, Jr.: President Needs to Stop Campaign Speeches and Get Serious – President Obama  put on quite a show on Wednesday.  He even included some cute little kids  in the act, a pathetic reminder that it’s always about promoting a  political agenda with this crowd in the White House.
  • Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: Failed Policies in LatAm Emboldens Rogue Regimes – The Obama administration has ignored the very serious issues that threaten our  national security in the Western Hemisphere for the past four years.
  • Ruben Navarrette:  A DREAMER’s Nightmare – Did you hear about the DREAMer who got a rude awakening?  The term refers to the estimated 1.4 million undocumented young people who might have benefited from the DREAM Act, which would have offered legal status in exchange for attending college or joining the military. The bill was scuttled in late 2010 by the Democratic-controlled Senate.
  • Ken Blackwell:  President Obama’s Proclamation, Displacing the Jews - He describes America as a nation of “Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, Sikhs and non-believers.” This may be politically correct, but it is historically inaccurate. In terms of numbers, the Jews in America have always exceeded the Muslims.
  • Armstrong Williams: Enough Free Passes for Role Models – Another day. Another scandal. Another high-profile celebrity headed to Oprah’s couch to express contrition and try to resuscitate his image. Today it’s Lance Armstrong, but tomorrow it will be someone else — which is why I believe it’s time to say enough is enough. No more free passes for our children’s role models.
  • Stacy Washington: Colin Powell No Longer Represents the Republican Party – In comments of late, Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, a decorated military veteran with impeccable credentials, has shown a proclivity for adopting an adversarial stance towards the GOP.
  • Alveda King:  Not Safe, Moral or Rarewww.safeandlegal.com lists names of women who are known to be dead by abortion. Add to that list thousands of women whose abortion complications were covered and you will begin to see the tip of the iceberg melt into a quagmire of gigantic proportions.
  • William Reed: Images of America: Black Banking – Starting during the 1930s, the Mitchells of Washington were close friends with Edward Kennedy Ellington’s family.  So, in 2009 when the Duke Ellington Commemorative Quarter was to be distributed, the Ellington family selected the Mitchell’s Industrial Bank on the historic U Street corridor to begin distributing the quarter.


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