• Star Parker: Dr. Ben Carson Speaks on Entitlements – Watch the entire speech Dr. Carson gave at the National Prayer Breakfast as President Obama listens.
  • Stephen Nuno: Democrats Can’t Afford to Lose Their Only Latino Senator – The Democrats have a diversity problem.  The problem facing the Democrats is that the vast majority of their Latino representatives are elected in districts that are composed of a majority of Latinos, or majority-minority districts.
  • Linda Vega: Engaging Latinos with Positive Conservatism – So my challenge to those who think that the GOP is scrambling and pandering to Latinos is this, think outside the box and engage them with Positive Conservative dialogue to win them over.  History, not so long ago, shows us that it can be done.  It’s not pandering,  it’s common sense and survival.
  • Leah Wright, HHR: 1964: How Republicans Lost the Black Vote – The social turmoil of the 1960s, along with the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and Barry Goldwater’s selection as the GOP’s presidential nominee resulted in an unprecedented massive rejection of the Republican Party by 94 percent of the black electorate. This “6 Percent” moment forced black Republicans to rethink their relationship to the GOP.
  • Alveda King: NAACP Threatens Legal Action Against The Radiance Foundation – “It is ironic that a black man is being sued by the nation’s oldest civil rights group for exercising his most basic civil right—the freedom of speech,” said Ryan Bomberger, Chief Creative Office of the Radiance Foundation.
  • Victoria DeFrancesco Soto: Latinos are the Holy Grail of the Religious Right – What do Evangelicals, Catholics, and Mormons all have in common?  And no, this is not the beginning of a joke. The growth of all three faiths is being fueled by the Latino population.
  • Maria Belen: Panetta: Obama was Absent on Night of Benghazi Attack – In fact, Panetta said that on the night of 9/11 he did not have a single communication with the White House. When asked if anyone from the White House called that night, Panetta said “No.” This is a complete outrage and Obama should be held responsible for the death of four Americans on his watch. This is far worse than The Watergate debacle of the Nixon period.
  • Wendell Talley: An Inconvenient Truth – Economic reality has done what rain, hail, sleet and snow could not — stop U.S. Postal Service delivery. The USPS is broke. It has made pension promises (with borrowed money) it cannot keep.
  • Demetrius Minor: A Focus on Freedom for Black History Month – I am surely thankful for Black History Month, but my heart cringes at the thought of what the future holds for the black community. Change needs to occur right now. Let us remember the words of Harriet Tubman: “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”
  • Alan Keyes: Signs of Life from America’s True Conservatives -  The BSA and Rove episodes also confirm the insidious, intractable nature of the  forces that are now threatening to impose their regressive elitist views on  people they now regard as recalcitrant subjects, rather than free citizens.
  • Silvio Canto: The True Cost of Immigration Reform – Are you listening Hispanos?  It will take higher taxes to legalize 10 million people. Are you ready to pay them? What is the economic point of legalizing 11 million who will get more from the taxpayers than what they pay?
  • Ruben Navarrette: Rep. Castro Has Eyes Open on Immigration – Many Mexican-Americans appreciate the contributions of immigrants, even those who came illegally. However, as patriots, many of whom have served their country in uniform, they don’t appreciate the entitlement that some — not all, but some — illegal immigrants exhibit when making demands.
  • Armstrong Williams: Strom Thurmond and Essie Mae – The now deceased Senator Thurmond and Essie Mae’s story is not just their own, but part of our history. Now that Thurmond and his daughter have passed into the arms of their shared, Eternal Father, history deserves a full and accurate accounting of their warm and fatherly relationship before the final curtain was drawn.
  • Adrienne Ross: Who’s Your Daddy? – I guess Chris Rock was supposed to be using his celebrity to seriously promote and advance President Obama’s gun controlling proclivities, but surely he must have been trying out a new comedy act. Like many liberals, Rock simply doesn’t get it. The President of the United States is not our daddy, as he asserted today.
  • Nadra Enzi: Klan-Robed Activist Exposes Chocolate Klansmen – I am the arch enemy of inner city thugs I call “chocolate Klansmen.” One of the American brothers in my informal Chocolate Klan Watch of Black public safety supporters, just informed me about this hero…Mr. Sixx King is a Philadelphia crusader against the Black murder rate who offers a cut-to-the-chase visual of urban fratricide.
  • Savvy Savannah: Slavery vs. Illegal Immigration – Slavery, Civil Rights Movement, and Illegal Immigration. What do these three things have in common? A massive amount of ethnic people suffering from one thing or another. That’s the extent of their similarities. It’s the differences that makes the difference and what makes them different is this tiny little thing called “the law.”
  • BET: Democrat Jesse Jackson Jr. May be Headed to Prison


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