• Stacy Washington: ICYMI: Dr. Ben Carson Works Pres. Obama Over at Prayer Breakfast – Barry had to sit and listen as every major policy he has put forward was soundly and completely debunked by a Dr. of the Brain: a black Dr. of the Brain at that.
  • Star Parker: Does the Republican Party Have a Future? – There are tens of millions of conservative American patriots who seek an opposition party to represent their conviction that America will not get back on the path to strength and prosperity without restoration of freedom, limited government, free markets, and traditional values. Today’s big question is whether the Republican Party is going to be that opposition party. If not, it is not conservative values and convictions that will be abandoned. It will be the Republican Party.
  • John Yoo: The Real Problem with Obama’s Drone Memo – The real story revealed by the memo is that the Obama administration is trying to dilute the normal practice of war with law-enforcement methods. Its approach reflects the mind-set of an administration populated with officials who spent the Bush years decrying military methods then employed and are now trying to impose a weaker law-enforcement approach to combating terrorism.
  • Michelle Malkin: The Blame Righty Mob Falls Silent – Question: How many times over the past four years have exploitative liberal journalists and Democratic leaders rushed to pin random acts of violence on the tea party, Republicans, Fox News and conservative talk radio?
  • Herman Cain: The ABC’s of Prosperity – When Republicans start emphasizing the need for policies that lay the groundwork for the ABCs of prosperity, they will not only win, but they might even govern effectively. What are the ABCs of prosperity? I’m glad you asked.
  • Andre Walker: Black Republicans to RNC Chairman: The Problem is not the Message, But Communication – The Republicans in the room all agreed the GOP must do a better job communicating its message to the black community. The problem is not the message. The problem is communication. We have to get into black community and communicate the Republican message.
  • Ruben Navarrette: A Royal Scolding for President Obama – To be a king, or not to be a king. For Barack Obama, it’s a trick question. The president hates being challenged over his deportation policies or being asked why his administration — five months before an election — offered deferred action to young illegal immigrants but not to anyone else.
  • Ken Blackwell: Frozen – Today, America’s foreign and defense policies are being crafted at the top by those who so obviously failed in the great Cold War struggle of the 1980s. The Freezeniks are in power now.
  • Bill Randall: Media Lies and Deception are Destroying America – There was a time in America when journalists and publishers upheld a standard of  excellence and integrity when reporting the news.
  • Alveda King: Appalled by Rising Death Counts on NAACP, CBC Watch – Another woman and baby dead by legal abortion and African American and other religious prolife leaders are outraged as the NAACP, The Congressional Black Caucus, many in the Christian and political community and others remain silent on the Reproductive Genocide issue.
  • Linda Chavez: Strange Bedfellows for Conservatives – Author Mario Lopez, writing in the fall issue of Human Life Review, traces modern anti-immigration groups back to their roots in the population control movement, and their predecessors’ ties to the eugenics movement of the early 20th century. Lopez shows interconnections between the anti-immigration leaders and the National Abortion Rights Action League, Planned Parenthood, Pathfinder International, a provider of abortions and sterilizations worldwide…
  • Alton Drew: Black History Month. More than a 28-Day List of Factoids – I’m old enough to remember when black history month was negro history week, then negro history month, then black history month. Personally while I respect my elders, I don’t celebrate black history month. I stopped seeing the need years ago.
  • Maria Belen: Univision Grills Democrat Senator Menendez on Sex Scandal – Most of the mainstream media has kept quiet about the sex scandal surrounding Democratic Senator Robert Menendez but not Univision.
  • Charles Payne: The Deadliest Debt – The trend in this nation is worrisome. We are looking at a European style nation where brand new wealth isn’t created while older wealth is constantly attacked to the point where it’s diminished along with the clout that comes with financial independence. This makes it difficult for those that refuse to sign onto the welfare state to have a voice or options.
  • A.J. Delgado: ‘Bravo’ to Marco Rubio and GOP for Embracing Spanish – Even for those millions of Latinos who are bilingual, many are nonetheless  more comfortable in their native language. What’s the harm in communicating to  them in the most effective way possible? All should applaud this historic move — inclusion is simply American…and good  communication is simply good politics.


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