• Rosario Marin: Obama Making Partners or Just a Rival for Power – When the president talked about investments, he was basically saying we need to  spend more. Regrettably, to spend more we need to borrow more. Refusing to admit  that Washington has a spending problem does not solve the problem — it only  makes it bigger.
  • Stacy Washington: On Pres. Obama’s State of the Union – Obama spoke about fixing tons of problems facing America, but I would argue this was one of the most unserious State of the Union Addresses in the modern era of politics.  It began with his veiled demagoguery.
  • David Almasi: Black Conservatives React to President Obama’s SOTU
  • Ruben Navarrette: A Kinder, Gentler, Wiser Marco Rubio – Rubio’s delivery was solid, his voice strong, and his passion unmistakable. The senator from Florida is an excellent communicator whose life experience — as the son of a bartender and hotel maid who worked hard so their children could get ahead — is easy for many Americans to connect with. The water didn’t bother me. But Rubio’s remarks did make me thirsty for new leadership in the White House.
  • Raoul Lowery Contreras: A Technical Knockout by Marco Rubio – On content, Marco hit a home run for substance; he was far more substantive than Obama. The President highlighted some guests in the audience and some of them were great. But they don’t measure up when compared to Marco Rubio substance and vision.
  • Duke Machado: Marco Rubio Delivers Republican Message with Passion – Chosen for his electric appeal within the Republican Party, and for his ability to communicate effectively, the Senator from Florida delivered his message to the world.  Rubio’s ability to connect with all people, from wealthy business owners to the minimum wage earner, is his primary strength. But the reason Marco Rubio is making headway nationally is not because he’s Hispanic.  It’s because he believes in the principles of the Republican Party.
  • Deroy Murdock: For Our Children’s Parents - Uncle Sam is a morbidly obese glutton with a bottomless appetite. Once he has waddled away from the buffet table, little remains for everyone else but bread sticks and a few drops of soup. If only Washington had a spending problem; it has a spending addiction.
  • Larry Elder: Dorner – Another Angry Fatherless Black Man With A Gun – When it comes to black miscreants and their fathers… crickets. Why? To ask raises uncomfortable questions about the perverse incentives of the welfare state, which hurt the very formation of stable, intact families — the ones more likely to produce stable, non-paranoid children.
  • Mychal Massie: Media Making Sport of Police-Bashing – Police frequently perform a thankless job.  They receive attention only when it casts them in a bad light.  But I for one am glad we have police who are willing to lay their lives on the line every day to protect us and keep our neighborhoods safe.
  • Erik Rush: Americans: Smarter Than Liberals Think – There have been 65.4 million firearms purchases since Barack Obama took office.  Background checks for firearms during the month of January 2013 alone  numbered 2,483,230. This does not speak of a citizenry that is as apathetic as  it appears at times…
  • Ken Blackwell: The Renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI – The media, of course, is calling it a resignation. But it not so much a resignation of a political office as it is a renunciation. The 85-year old pontiff’s decision to renounce the power and prestige of the papal office is so unexpected, almost unprecedented, as to take the world by surprise.
  • More Duke Machado: Nancy Gray: A Story of Faith – When Nancy first discovered she was pregnant, she was told by hospital staff, they could not see a baby, implying she must have had a miscarriage. “But I didn’t see any signs of a miscarriage,” Nancy replied, but the nurse insisted that she get a DNC to make sure there was no fetal tissue that may cause an infection.


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