• Ruben Navarrette: New Kid in an Old Boys’ Club – Who knew that a Hispanic Republican senator could get in this much hot water without reaching for bottled water? I’ve become accustomed to politicians who keep their heads down and rarely say anything interesting because they’re afraid of drawing fire. Rare are those who speak their minds, defend their principles and worry more about doing their job than keeping it.
  • Armstrong Williams: The Wisdom of Dr. Ben Carson – It is a shame that Dr. Carson’s speech was  considered only for its public policy content. The speech is full of wisdom on  other topics, such as education, speech codes, and the importance of tithing.
  • Stephen Nuno: Private Prison Lobby Pushes for Tougher Immigration Enforcement to Increase Profits – The private prison lobby, which gains profit off the misery of minorities and the poor, has emerged as one of the main influencers of tougher enforcement of immigration laws. And behind the prison lobby are minorities doing their bidding.
  • Silvio Canto: The Biggest Problem with the Affordable Health Care Act is its Affordability – Affordable health care is now turning into quite for a challenge for those who made a lot of promises. They told us that taxes would go up on the rich.  Not really. They told us that you could keep your insurance or that your employer-based coverage would not be impacted. Again, not really.
  • Star Parker: Preserve Gun Rights, Save Black Lives – There is no problem facing America today that liberals do not believe should be solved by more government and less freedom. And liberals are consistent and predictable in their indifference to facts and experience that show whenever they do succeed in growing government and limiting freedom, they make matters worse, not better.
  • Anthony Bradley: The Moral Elephant in Black America’s Room – One has to wonder how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would respond to the state of black America in 2013. From the nonsense that regularly spews from the mouth of rappers like Lil Wayne to the black-on-black violence that continues to plague many black urban and rural neighborhoods, we are moving further away from King’s dream.
  • Linda Vega: Why Texas Needs a Susana Martinez to Keep it Red – Latinos are the growing majority in the Southwest and by 2016, they will have the plurality in the voting arena.  As Texas has demonstrated,  the GOP has the advantage in offering economic opportunity when addressing the Latino community.  After all, it has maintained a high success rate in graduating Latinos from High School in Texas and the lowest unemployment  number  for Latinos than any other state.
  • Ken Blackwell: What Will Kerry Do About Christian Persecution in China? – In a story in Christianity Today, China Aid reports instances of Christian persecution have increased 42% in the last year. Beijing—the capital—witnessed the highest number of incidents against Christians. This is significant because many an oppressor state will try to put on a friendly face in its own capital, while leaving the bloody work of persecution to the provinces.
  • Peter Kirsanow: Caligula’s Horse – Chuck Hagel easily proved himself unfit to be secretary of defense during his nomination hearing. Not only was he ignorant of fundamental aspects of the job, but his positions on some of the critical defense issues of the day are preposterous if not dangerous. No one disputes that his performance at the hearing was the worst and most embarrassing of any nominee for any prominent position in memory. Yet by all reports he will be our next secretary of defense.
  • Deroy Murdock: Hagel’s Anti-Semitism – “Let the Jews pay for it.” Are these words anti-Semitic? The U.S. Senate should consider this and many other disturbing statements by Chuck Hagel, President Obama’s nominee for defense secretary. Nebraska’s former Republican senator has said and done truly troubling things regarding Jews and Israel.
  • Alton Drew: Is This Really Obama’s Sequester – Yes, Mr. Obama may have suggested that he would exercise some measure of sequestration under a budget act, allowing him to hold back a small amount of spending from that authorized by the Congress, but the legislation that gave us this $85 billion abyss was signed off by most Republican leaders and the President.  The leadership from the Executive and Legislative branches are to blame should sequestration take effect.
  • Erik Rush: The Fool Who Follows – The American fool may not be stupid, but he or she has fallen prey to the belief that issues of Social Justice, gay “marriage,” bullying, and climate change are more pressing than the fact that our nation has a pack of radical Marxists at the helm, operating more or less unchecked, that our economy is teetering before a yawning abyss, and that we are being left increasingly open to aggression by foreign enemies.
  • NBCLatino: Nevada’s Latino Community Rises Like a Phoenix in Politics
  • BET: Mia Love, Artur Davis to Address Conservative Gathering



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