Ramesh Ponnuru: Rand Paul Was Great, But Did He Go Far Enough? – It felt as though the Republican Party was moving, minute by minute, toward Paul’s positions on national security and civil liberties. It happened spontaneously. Paul started to speak; conservatives on Twitter cheered him on; other Republicans, and Democrat Ron Wyden, slowly began to back him up. By the end of the night Reince Priebus, the head of the Republican National Committee, was calling on all Republican senators to go “stand with Rand.”

MalkinMichelle Malkin: Rotten to the Core: The Feds’ Invasive Student Tracking Database – While many Americans worry about government drones in the sky spying on our private lives, Washington meddlers are already on the ground and in our schools gathering intimate data on children and families. Say goodbye to your children’s privacy.

MychalMassieMychal Massie: What Michelle Obama Should Tell Her Daughters – I don’t give a rat’s tail about who is overweight or about who exercises or who doesn’t.  But  I care deeply about the direction her husband is taking my country: I care very deeply that she said “all this for a damn flag,” and I darn well care about the racial partisanship she and her kind are fomenting in America. I care that she and her husband are bullying whites by branding them racists if they dare disagree with his condemnable legislation.

stephenanunoStephen Nuno: Petrodollars Will Continue to Dominate Our Relationship with Venezuela – Hugo Chavez is dead, but his oil lives. A man who evoked a prism of emotions, from those looking down on Latin America with scorn for his anti-American rhetoric to those who yearned that his democratic message may infect our complacent masses, Chavez was a divisive symbol of our changing relationship with our continental neighbors.

SilvioCantoSilvio Canto: Venezuela After Chavez – Overall, left center leaders in Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina will lose a lot of moral, and financial, support. It is also a great opportunity for the US. Of course, this is assuming that the Obama wakes up from its indifference toward Latin America.

Deroy Murdock: Republican Leaders Need Courage and Stagecraft – Courage, leadership and stagecraft: These active ingredients would help congressional Republicans maximize their significant, if underused, powers. Republicans should crawl out from under their desks and remind each other that they still control the House of Representatives.

ThomasSalazarThomas Salazar: Inequality in America: How Wealth is Spread – Free markets are not perfect, but compared to all other economic systems there is nothing better. If you wish for more just results, then maybe giving to charity or starting a business and employing people at a wage you believe is fair would be a start. Either way, it is up to the millions of individuals to decide how they will distribute their wealth, because they are the ones who make up the market.

AnthonyBradleyAnthony Bradley: Architecture, Human Flourishing & Health Care – Being burdened by the ever-increasing bureaucratic machine in the U.S. is undermining the type of creativity needed to solve more and more of our problems in architecture and many other sectors of society. What could be better than more efficient and healthier medical facilities? Why kill this with needless regulations? Sustainable human flourishing depends on men and women being free to use their entrepreneurial creativity for the common good.

ChavezLinda Chavez: Conservatives and Citizenship – I think Jeb Bush is wrong — and not because his position is too conservative, but because it is not conservative enough. Conservatives should not want a country in which substantial numbers of those who reside here will eschew participating in the civic life of the country, with its obligations as well as its rights.

Nadra Enzi: Rand Paul Defeated Drone-By Shooting – U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) achieved a political impossibility: his filibuster drew support from the ACLU & Code Pink, hardly libertarian or Republican organizations. Added to the Tea Party and other conservatives ( Republican and otherwise ), this forms a fearsome coalition for would-be presidential contenders.

ShirleyHusarShirley Husar: California’s Democratic Propaganda Machine Declares War on GOP – George Skelton’s article  was written specifically to combat the GOP’s recent attempts to reach out to  minority groups, and it is so blatantly dishonest that you wonder where the  paper got the gall to run it.This is the sort of race-based politics that the Democrats have been playing for  decades, now, and it has been hugely successful; the GOP was trounced by minorities in the last presidential election, who assume that the Party is  racist when it runs white candidates, and engaged in tokenism when it doesn’t.

GregoryKaneGregory Kane: Hannity, Ellison Should Bury the Hatchet – Last week Ellison appeared on Hannity’s show. I assumed he was there to give the Democrats’ view about sequestration and rebut Hannity’s comments about President Obama. Ellison did neither. Instead, he launched into an ad hominem attack on Hannity, spewing invective, talking over the host and wasting what little time he was on the air.

Javier Manjarres: Rubio Questions Obama’s $250 Million Aid Package – Senator Marco Rubio has penned another smack down of the Obama administrations “ineffectual” foreign policy, this time by pointing out Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent  and “unfortunate” announcement that the U.S. would be sending $250 million in aid to the Muslim Brotherhood controlled country of Egypt.

KenBlackwellKen Blackwell: Brennan Signals “Our Saudi Partners” – John  Brennan speaks of “our Saudi partners.”  Partners in what?   Mr. Brennan won’t speak of a global war on terror.  He rejects the  use of jihadism to describe Muslim terrorists, since he regards jihad  as a legitimate expression of a religion of peace and  tolerance.

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