DavidLaskaDavid Laska: In Israel, Actions Speak Louder than Gestures – Barack Obama is in Israel this week, doing his best to convince a skeptical  public and a more skeptical government that he has their best interests in mind  as he crafts America’s policy in the Middle East. He’s got a lot of work to do. One recent Jerusalem Post/Smith Poll found that  only 12 percent of Israelis consider Obama to be pro-Israel.

JavierManjarresJavier Manjarres: Is Wasserman Schultz Obama’s Token Jew? – Wasserman Schultz is a reform Jew, or as some more conservative-minded Jews would call reformists, a “Jew in name only” (JINO). Is President Obama only taking the Congresswoman along to be his  ’Token Jew’ simply to exploit the fact that she is Jewish, and happens to have a very Jewish name?

HermanCainHerman Cain: Cyprus Wealth Confiscation Scheme: It Could Happen Here – The Cyprus bailout proposal didn’t go forward because that nation’s leaders recognized its citizens wouldn’t stand for such a mass confiscation of private wealth. As of today, that would never fly in America either. But if Democrats continue to sell people on the idea that the rich are their enemies, I can see the day when a majority of the public buys into a plan to simply confiscate funds from private bank accounts.

MalkinMichelle Malkin: Dumb and Dangerous: America’s Fast Pass for Saudi Arabia – It’s business as usual in the post-9/11 world. Your federal government is back to pandering to wealthy travelers from Saudi Arabia. In the eyes of our massive homeland security apparatus, the comfort of Saudis is a higher priority than the safety of American citizens.

LarryElderLarry Elder: Bill Maher Discovers His Inner Grover Norquist – Bill Maher recently said, “Rich people…actually do pay the freight in this country…like 70 percent” of the taxes. The question remains: Did Maher have an epiphany, and will he now use his considerable platform to similarly enlighten others? Does he now recognize that, as former British Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher once said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”?

MariaBelenMaria Belen: Comrade Turn in Your Neighbor – Welcome to Obama’s America or should I say Obama’s Chuba (combination of China and Cuba). On top of all the gun control laws that were recently passed in the state of New York such as limiting police guns to 7 rounds and police can’t go into a school armed. Now here is a new kicker, New York state is providing a financial incentive for idiots to turn in their neighbors.

GregoryKaneGregory Kane: Brain-dead Haters Operate on Conservative Neurosurgeon – What’s the first refuge of liberal blacks when they find a black conservative rearing his or her annoying head? Why, take to Twitter, of course. “I don’t think I realized Ben Carson was conservative until last month,” Deen Freelon tweeted. “Shame he’s becoming the right wing’s go-to black token.”

ChavezLinda Chavez: GOP’s Image Remake – The Republican Party knows it has a problem. The recently released report on the state of the party commissioned by RNC Chair Reince Priebus noted, “In essence, Hispanic voters tell us our party’s position on immigration has become a litmus test measuring whether we are meeting them with a welcome mat or a closed door.”  Whether the party can do more than try to change its rhetoric is still an open question. But Rand Paul might help lead the way.

SilvioCantoSilvio Canto: Yoani Sanchez and the US Embargo Against Cuba – With all due respect to Yoani, she is wrong about lifting the embargo.  We learned from Yoani that there are many dissidents in Cuba, such as Dr Biscet, who do not want a relaxation of the embargo. Let’s hope that they convince Yoani so that we can expedite the collapse of the Castro dictatorship.  In the meantime, please let me repeat that Yoani is a wonderful but very wrong on the embargo.

AlvedaKingAlveda King: Until They Truly Choose Life – We’re running out of time to find a more diverse slate of candidates for 2016, fearless candidates who will tackle moral issues. And where are all of the women? African Americans? Hispanics? With some notable exceptions — Gov. Susana Martinez and Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz to name a few — we are doomed to repeat the same lesson over and over.

AnthonyBradleyAnthony Bradley: The Legacy of Racism and Surrogate Decision-Making – The black family was delivered a devastating two-part blow during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. While black urbanization was on the rise, black men were being kept out of the jobs that could financially sustain families coupled with a greater call for more and more welfare programs to provide “assistance” to black women with dependent children. These programs, as we know, made matters worse and destroyed the potential for black urban families to flourish.

ErikRushErik Rush: Gun Makers Step Up to Protect Americans – Whether civil unrest comes as a result of our resistance to gun control or  other factors, the government is determined to get the guns. Unfortunately for Obama, financial pressure and bullying was not enough to  ensure the manufacturers’ cooperation, as it has been in so many other  instances. The gun makers know that in the long run, they are in the  government’s crosshairs too, so they’re not too keen on helping the government  kill off their clientele…

RonMillerRon Miller: Hindering the Children – Children in the world are suffering from poverty, substandard education, hunger, and physical, emotional and sexual abuse, just to name a few, and that is if they get to live outside their mother’s womb. All of these problems are preventable, and all can be traced to a policy decision or action by adults which put their desires ahead of what would be best for children. One of the core tenets of true justice is to protect the weak and defenseless from harm…

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