RubenNavarretteRuben Navarrette: Putting a Price on Illegal Immigration in the United States – It is completely unrealistic for those on the left to think that they can get what really matters — legal status for the undocumented to spare them the fate of being deported by an administration that, ironically, liberals helped put in office — without giving in a little and going along with a series of stringent conditions. Why stringent? Because there needs to be a price paid by those who do wrong. It’s only right.

DeroyMurdockDeroy Murdock: The Red and the Black – ‘What have the Democrats done for you lately?” Republicans should start asking black Americans that question — early and often. Doing so could become the GOP’s secret weapon. Republicans need not win the black vote, or even a third of it. Securing 15 percent of the black electorate severely erodes the stalwart-Democrat base. If 20 to 25 percent of blacks vote GOP, it’s curtains for Democrats. If Republicans seek black votes, they will win some.

JavierManjarresJavier Manjarres: Ted Cruz Proposes ‘Obamacare Repeal’ Amendment to Senate Budget – Texas Senator Ted Cruz continues to stick his finger in President Obama’s eye with his proposal of an amendment to repeal Obamacare. Cruz stood before he Senate and made the announcement that Obamacare “should be repealed.”

JenniferKornJennifer Korn: We’re Worse Off With the Affordable Care Act – Some of the Obamacare cuts, like those that slash the Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, will disproportionally affect Hispanics. Compared to the average Medicare beneficiary, Hispanics are twice as likely to enroll in Medicare Advantage.  In fact, a study by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services found that 38 percent of Hispanics and 31 percent of African Americans on Medicare were enrolled in Medicare Advantage, compared to 27 percent of whites.

SilvioCantoSilvio Canto: Democrats Better at Talking Immigration Reform Than Actually Doing It – Once again, Senate Democrats are getting pressure from labor unions about the number of workers that they intend to “legalize”. The Democrats are “the great fraud” of immigration reform. Unfortunately, Hispanics in the US keep voting for the people who tell them what they want to hear but then don’t deliver after the election. The “no se puede” Democrats are about to choose Big Labor over Hispanics again!

ArmstrongWilliamsArmstrong Williams: Imagine If Only Criminals Had Guns – Fighting crime and changing the culture of criminals carrying illegal  firearms save lives. Suing gun manufacturers does not. Until we commit to enforcing the tough federal laws already on the books,  suing gun manufacturers amounts to little more than a pseudo solution, a news  conference solely for the purpose of having a news conference, a few  well-scripted words to make us feel like we’re doing something about gun  violence.

JorgeBonillaJorge Bonilla: Univision’s Jorge Ramos Out-Gungrabs Piers Morgan – Univision’s Jorge Ramos is a ferocious opponent of the Second Amendment.  Contrary to Morgan’s attempts to dance around the question of handguns vis-a-vis “assault weapons”, Ramos often goes the full Schakowsky, and calls for outright repeal of the Second Amendment.

AlvedaKingAlveda King: Gosnell Attorney Playing the Race Card is Outrageous and Shameful – The defense attorney for Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist whose killing center earned the title “Gosnell’s House of Horrors” has tried to reduce Gosnell’s charges to “prosecutorial lynching.” This strategy is an insult to the babies he slaughtered, the women he maimed and killed, the African Community at large, and the human race.

StarParkerStar Parker: Urban Problem Bigger Than Detroit – The travesty now taking place in Detroit should be carefully watched by all Americans. This is not a one off exception to the rule, but is just the latest case study of a pathology dragging down the whole nation. And it’s a pathology for which low-income minority Americans are paying the dearest price. Economist Dr. Walter Williams has noted that the common denominator of the nation’s ten poorest cities with populations over 250,000, of which Detroit is number one, is that they all have been controlled by liberal, Democratic mayors for decades, the majority of which have been black.

KevinJacksonKevin Jackson: Black Community a Powder Keg – Blacks are tiring of the rhetoric of the Democrat Party. More and more blacks are waking up to the utter devastation of Democrats’ policies in the black community. I have warned Democrats that the black community who has supported them for decades is a powder keg, ready to blow. I think this is just the beginning.

KenBlackwellKen Blackwell: World Opinion: When Some Americans Get it Wrong – The Gallup organization finds that in most regions of the world, U.S. standing in President Obama’s fourth year in office has slipped. What we are likely to find—as President Eisenhower and President Reagan found—is that a strong policy of the United States that forthrightly confronts the enemies of freedom but avoids “nation building” is the best policy. Liberals have clearly gotten it wrong on foreign policy. It’s a challenge to conservatives to get it right.

BrandonBriceBrandon Brice: The GOP’s Secret Weapon: Single Mothers – Republicans should start talking about ways to find, recognize, and seize job  opportunities: night schooling, certification and vocational programs, work  incentives and daycare options for single mothers. The single mother crisis in  America has become quite complex, but the GOP is absolutely right to want  mothers to not be dependent on government. Solutions are possible that match the  GOP’s goal to make single mothers self-supporting.

AnthonyBradleyAnthony Bradley: Young Adults Lag in Wealth Building – If wealth-building is a problem doesn’t it seem that wealth creation should be the solution? What would happen in we realized that the way to secure greater financial security for GenXers and Millennials in the future has nothing to do with government spending more money on programs but rather the government doing what it takes to allow today’s young adults to create more wealth.

WendellTalleyWendell Talley: Not the Droids They’ll Be Looking For – My generation has ceded almost every inch of Western culture to radicals.  As a result we no longer have recognizable art or literature or sport or music. We have the words but not the things symbolized by the words. We need to make the cultural barbarians among us understand their era won’t last forever, either. Western Civilization is on the way. Think of grammar as a paved road through the plains.

Nadra Enzi: Dr. Ben Carson Dissed by Toure – No good Black conservative ever goes unharmed…feast your eyes on this video vignette from liberal hatchet man Toure, about Dr. Ben Carson. Toure’s diss (to use an Old School 80s phrase) of Dr. Carson means Black liberals have gotten  marching orders to ethnically excommunicate someone they revered a short time ago.

Alex Gonzalez & Linda Vega: The RNC “Autopsy” Report on Latinos: Texas Edition – Texas is the only state with a significant Latino share of state voting population (VAP) in a state that is very Republican. However, no exit polls were gathered [in Texas], and nobody wants to find out how Latinos voted in 2012.


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