Danny Vargas: Split in Republican Party Over Immigration Reform Should Be Resolved – With bipartisan efforts underway in both houses of Congress to reach a consensus on comprehensive immigration reform (CIR), the GOP is now at the table and it looks like some version of CIR will pass this year.  In fact, the Republican National Committee (RNC) dipped its toes into policy waters when they endorsed immigration reform as part of their recent “autopsy” report.

RubenNavarretteRuben Navarrette: Reforming immigration the right way – Despite the hysterics on talk radio, the admonitions of editorial pages, and the assorted views of the punditry, the key to the immigration debate was never about convincing reluctant Republicans to accept a path to citizenship. It is about convincing reluctant Democrats — especially those in union-friendly states such as Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan — to accept the idea of bringing in thousands of guest workers.

LarryElderLarry Elder: Fox’s Juan Williams Gets It Half Right – My latest book, “Dear  Father, Dear Son,” focuses on the importance of fathers – and the increasing  number of children who grow up in homes without one. Fox’s Juan Williams  understands this – sort of.  He gets the “what,” but not the “why.” Williams gets the connection between no dads and violence. This brings us the “why.”  Liberals like Williams need to acknowledge the damage  the welfare state – and their support of it – has done to the family.

JavierManjarresJavier Manjarres: Like Dr. Carson, Senator Rubio Also Receives Racial Attacks – It is only a matter of time before the extreme racist fringe of the Liberal Democratic Party makes another feeble attempt to paint Senator Marco Rubio as just another “Uncle Juan” Hispanic that is out of touch with the general Hispanic community. The core reason for the racial attacks on Rubio is  because he does not tow the pro-Amnesty for illegal immigrants line that Spanish Language TV network Univision holds on the issue.

ErikRushErik Rush: Black Racism as a Liberal Strategy – Although Ben Carson identifies himself as apolitical, as a result of his speech and  the dozens of press appearances he has since made, the liberal press began to  engage in its characteristic black-conservative bashing. At first, it was  tentative, probably because Carson doesn’t appear to have a discernible agenda.  Black members of the press were the ones who finally came out in earnest in an  attempt to demonize Carson, most notably MSNBC’s resident black hack Touré  Neblett.

RichValdesRich Valdes: The A-List on Americanism: Gun Reform or People Reform? – So, do we need gun reform, or people reform? That is, is it  guns that kill people or people that kill people?  Will restricting the Constitution by making it harder for citizens  to exercise their right of gun ownership make us any safer? Will it  prevent the perpetrators of violent crimes from illegally obtaining guns?  Will stricter gun laws or enhanced background checks stop muggers, bank robbers,  or serial killers?

AlvedaKingAlveda King: Pro-Life Leaders Will Hold Press Conference Concerning Gosnell Murder Trial Developments – My friends Rev. Clenard Childress and The Vision co-host Dr. Day Gardner are in Philadelphia reporting on the Kermit Gosnell trial that the mainstream media is virtually ignoring. They know that coverage of this trial would expose how horrific and unjust abortion really is.

AnthonyBradleyAnthony Bradley: Florida’s New Jim Crow Education System – Martin Luther King, Jr. has to be turning over in his grave. Just when you think America may be on the path to no longer judging people on the basis on skin color we run into nonsense like the decision last fall by the Florida Department of Education to institute race-based education standards.

CondoleezzaRiceCondoleezza Rice: Learn to Speak Up – There have been many times in my career when I was the only woman in the room; if I didn’t speak up, it was often noticed. I found speaking up took practice, but over time it became an important source of growth in my career.  Learning to speak up is a valuable lesson.

DannydeGraciaDanny de Gracia: Obama and Congress Should Follow Ron Paul’s Example on Elected Pay – President Obama’s recent decision to take a five percent pay cut to show  solidarity with furloughed workers is a nice gesture, but it is a token  sacrifice compared to the suffering the average American faces on a daily basis.  In 2011, Republican candidate Ron Paul made a far more magnanimous offer when he  promised that if elected as president, he would only accept $39,336 in  compensation ― what he termed the “average income of Americans.”

MychalMassieMychal Massie: Obama Worships At Church Preaching Hatred Of Whites – While most of us were attending Resurrection Day services that centered on Christ’s victory over the grave, and how that factored into God’s plan of salvation for us, the Obamas were listening to Luis Leon spew hate-filled verbiage about the “religious right calling blacks back to the back of the bus and women back to back to the kitchen.” It was no accident that the Obamas attended that church.  It is in perfect keeping with their theology and view of America.

Raynard Jackson: Republicans Have Learned a Lesson – What is fascinating and embarrassing at the same time is that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has come to understand that education is the Civil Rights of the 21st century for the Black community; not homosexual marriage as claimed by Al Sharpton, Ben Jealous, and Marc Morial. I find it astonishing that a White, southern Congressman is more in tune with my community than the media appointed Black leaders.

John Yoo: Damage at the CIA – CIA director John Brennan apparently has decided to postpone and reverse the appointment of the first woman to head the CIA directorate of operations (which controls all covert operations and spying). According to press reports, Brennan has prevented the woman, whose identity is classified, from assuming the post because of her involvement with the interrogation and detention decisions after 9/11. According to the Post, she is already the acting head of the directorate and the most qualified person for the job, but Brennan has appointed an outside panel of former CIA officers to review her and other candidates for the job — something that the CIA has never done before.



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