CrystalWrightCrystal Wright: Baby Killer Gosnell Isn’t Worthy of News Coverage Unless He Did It With a Gun – I bet every liberal in America knows who Dr. Ben Carson is. But has no clue who Dr. Hermit Gosnell is. Why? Because ever since Carson spoke out against liberal policies at White House National Prayer Breakfast hosted by President Obama, the liberal media has mocked Carson incessantly for daring to be black and a conservative. Both men are black. Both men are doctors. Dr. Carson is a renowned pediatric neurosurgeon and conservative. Dr. Gosnell is an abortionist and accused murdering live babies.

DeroyMurdockDeroy Murdock: 42 Brings Moral Jujitsu to the Baseball Diamond – One word kept popping into my head as I watched 42: Gandhi. Warner Brothers’ fine new film vividly portrays how the Brooklyn Dodgers’ infielder Jackie Robinson used his athletic prowess to break baseball’s color barrier in 1947. This chronicle of Robinson’s rookie year with the Dodgers is both an entertaining sports film and, more so, a study in non-violent protest.

JavierManjarresJavier Manjarres: Sequester This! Obama Increases U.N. Spending – So, as the Federal government continues to cut White House self-guided tours, vital military spending, air traffic control towers, and now cutting 6 percent from the State Department’s budget, the state Department is now announcing that it will increase spending on the United Nations next year. The spending increase to the United Nations will be roughly $3.6 billion in 2014.

HumbertoFontovaHumberto Fontova: Is Jay-Z “Lazy, Drunk and Stinky?” Let’s Ask His T-shirt Icon, Che Guevara – As Jay-Z and Beyonce filmed their tourism commercial for the Castro regime last week some Cuban rappers were languishing in KGB-designed dungeons and suffering hunger-strikes not far from the cameras. Angel Arzuaga and Marcos Lima were among them. These Cuba rappers’ crimes (according to the criminal code of Jay-Z’s hosts and commercial beneficiaries) consisted of playing and even listening to rap-music.

ArmstrongWilliamsArmstrong Williams: Fostering Black Entrepreneurship – Many of the businesses in the inner-city and urban communities are dominated  by Koreans and other Asians, and families from the Caribbean. These families are  usually intact with a two-parent household, education is essential, teenage  pregnancy is rare, church is critical, and they encourage and instill a culture of entrepreneurship in their children. The pathologies that continue to erode the black family and community have to  stop. It is critical that black congregations encourage their members toward entrepreneurship and  ownership and that they discourage looking to Uncle Sam as their source of existence.

JorgeBonillaJorge Bonilla: Spanish-Language News Media Still Silent on #Gosnell Horror - Conservatives have spent the better part of the last couple of days shaming the MSM into finally covering the Gosnell horror. The MSM has finally relented and has, belatedly, begun to cover the Philadelphia atrocities after massive pressure throughout social media. However, there is still total silence on the Spanish-speaking side of the mainstream media fence.

SilvioCantoSilvio Canto: Can Anyone Present a Budget that Cuts Spending? – President Obama and the Senate Democrats finally have a budget.  However, it looks to me like just a lot of “cut and paste”. In other words, will we ever see a brave politician who actually proposes a cut in government spending?  I mean real spending cuts not cuts in increases.

KenBlackwellKen Blackwell: Obama’s Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay – Kim Jong Un might be restrained by a show of force. He might be restrained by the thought that we could target the “command and control” facilities where he is taking his ease and hit them hard. He will not be restrained by empty words and emptier gestures. If we had a foreign  policy, it would defend America, and scare tin pot dictators like Kim Jong Un.

DannydeGraciaDanny de Gracia: Nullification is America’s Roadmap to Recovery – There is a word we must all re-learn if we are to speak truth to power and that  word is nullification. Write that word down and make it your watchword  for freedom. Nullification is the legal act of a state legislature refusing to  comply with an unconstitutional breach of the Constitution by the federal  government. It is a constitutional principle which we have forgotten but must  bring again to the forefront of our minds in this time of great crisis.

NadraEnziNadra Enzi: Rand Paul Did OK At Howard University – Senator Rand Paul’s Howard University speech set the outreach march on steadier ground. I’d argue Rand Paul’s de-criminalization of what he calls “victimless drug crimes” alone has the potential to liberate several generations of Black men who chose drug dealing as a profession.

ArturDavisArtur Davis: Rand Paul’s Wasted Day at Howard - Paul had a chance to demonstrate something bolder than the willingness to endure a hostile crowd: that is, if he had the nimbleness to couch his arguments in the interests of the people he was trying to reach; and the empathy to show that economic inequality, entrenched poverty, and the rising numbers of blacks under 35 who aren’t reaching their parents levels of economic performance are the kinds of things he worries about. Instead, Paul gave Howard what it expected to hear.

AnthonyBradleyAnthony Bradley: Second-Hand Clothing Undermines Africa’s Economy - The second-hand clothing industry in parts of Africa is big business. In fact, many charities receive substantial revenue from the sale of this clothes. Why buy a t-shirt for $10 when you can buy one for 32 cents? These trends should come as no surprise to Americans because consignment shops and thrift stores are plentiful. However, the difference is that in many parts of Africa second-hand clothing is the primary means of buying clothes and is, therefore, inadvertently stifling the growth of local African economies.

BrandonBriceBrandon Brice: Why English Should be the Official Language of the United States – Making English the official language would encourage new migrants to learn  the language of the country they have adopted as theirs. The end goal is to  unite the American people, while improving the lives of immigrants and  native-born inhabitants. There would be savings; official English would save billions in federal  spending. The direct cost of translators and bilingual education alone are  billions, and many of these costs are born by local governments.

RubenNavarretteRuben Navarrette: The Route to Immigration Reform – As the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” gets ready to release its long-awaited comprehensive immigration reform bill, here are things I believe need to be in any credible piece of immigration reform legislation…

Peter Kirsanow: ‘Where Do I Go for My Amnesty?’ – That’s the question put to Border Patrol agents by illegal immigrants captured crossing the border in Texas, according to a report by Texas radio station WOAI. Another illegal immigrant apprehended by the Border Patrol taunted agents in Spanish, “Obama’s going to let me go.” Do these illegal immigrants know something the members of the Gang of Eight don’t?

Alton Drew: Obama Budget Takes a Non-Market, Socialist Approach to Wages – In his recently released budget proposal, President Obama envisions a living, minimum wage with future increases based on the rate of inflation.  Interesting.  Will this also mean that where we see a negative consumer price index that wages will fall accordingly?  Probably not.

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