RickSanchezRick Sanchez: Too Much Fiesta on the Field? God Would Want Us to Celebrate – A relay team from Columbus High School was disqualified for an excessive  celebration act at the conclusion of the boys 4 x100 meter relay. What did the athlete do that was so terribly bad? He physically gave thanks  and credit for his achievement to God. Happiness should not be made illegal, nor should celebrating your faith.

JenniferOliverOConnellJennifer Oliver O’Connell: Five Takeaways From the Benghazi Hearings – Lest we forget, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the filmmaker who made the  anti-Muslim video is still languishing in jail, for no other reason than  exercising his First Amendment rights. Yet, the perpetrators of this terrorist  attack are still at large. So more investigation is absolutely necessary, more  answers need to be revealed, and justice needs to be served all around.

RubenNavarretteRuben Navarrette: Hard Charging Ted Cruz Rattles Washington – It’s a good thing I don’t live in our nation’s capital. If I did, I’d spend all my time defending my friend, Ted Cruz. The relentless and personal attacks on the Texas senator — who has been in office for only four months — come from both liberals and conservatives. The critics are of the Washington mindset that suggests there is a proper way that things are done in this city. Cruz doesn’t follow the script.

MalkinMichelle Malkin: The Crucifixion of Jason Richwine – Jason Richwine works for the conservative Heritage Foundation. He’s a Harvard University Ph.D. who co-authored a study that pegs the cost of the Ted Kennedy Memorial Open Borders Act 2.0 legislation at $6.3 trillion. Both Democrats and Republicans leaped to discredit the 102-page report without bothering to read it.

AnthonyBradleyAnthony Bradley: Same American Dream, Different Zip Code - In the end, it will be through the planning of elites, not the preferences, choices, and decisions of “regular” people who will determine what communities should look like and how people will live in their own neighborhoods. This is how we achieve social success in America in the modern era. We use the force of government to create whatever version of it exists in the utopian imaginations of those in power.

GregoryKaneGregory Kane: Maryland Gov. Martin O’Shameless Rides Again – Maryland’s Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley has mounted his trusty steed to sally forth and carry the banner of shamelessness once again. And people wonder why I call him Martin O’Shameless. Years ago, when he was mayor of Baltimore, city schools ran up a deficit of at least $58 million. O’Malley pretty much admitted that he repeatedly asked the school superintendent questions designed to get to the bottom of the deficit, but got no answers.

DannydeGraciaDanny de Gracia: The Reason Millennials Like Ron Paul – Old leadership and corrupt political cabals have had their chance at running  America and they wrecked it. The establishment failed and wants others to pay  the price and carry the shame. Enough is enough. It’s time for new leaders, new voices and a new generation to have a chance  at freedom. Instead of judging young people, it’s time America started listening  to them.

LloydMarcusLloyd Marcus: King David Repented. Obama Will Not. – From the day Obama declared his bid for the Oval Office, who he was inside as a human being did not matter to millions. Black voters only cared that Obama was black. Guilty-white voters only cared that Obama was black. Liberal voters only cared that Obama was liberal and black. Only a remnant of blacks and conservatives considered silly things such as Obama’s agenda and character. And for that, they were persecuted, called racists.

CrystalWrightCrystal Wright: The Gay Takeover of America – What is happening to our country?  Gays, who represent less than 3% of our population, are trying to dominate our culture and society. Love whom you want. Love the one you’re with. People don’t really care. This is the message most people want to say but are afraid to because the LBGT (lesbian, bi-sexual, gay and transgender) community will verbally flog anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Between gay marriage, gay adoptions, forcing the Boy Scouts to admit gay scouts and scout masters, and lauding a rich NBA player for announcing he’s gay, the message is clear from gay America to the 97% of the rest of us. You will accept our lifestyle as mainstream.

Ada Fisher: Straight, Proud and Unapologetic With No Excuses – Okay now I’m confessing to a poorly kept secret — I am a heterosexual black female who loves men and has achieved some modicum of success. So, now will President Obama, Bill Clinton and others give me a call for coming out and openly expressing my sexual preference? Though I haven’t been asked and no sensible inquiring minds particularly wants to know, suddenly everyone wants to tell that they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or of some other sexual preference.



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