WillieLawsonWillie Lawson: Obama Presidency Sinking Fast – The Obama presidency is in serious trouble. Benghazi, AP phone records, IRS  scandal, and the possible secret listening device in the House of  Representatives cloakroom may be too much for the presidency to survive.  President Obama and his team are good, but are they that good?

RubenNavarretteRuben Navarrette: Obama Won’t Let Media Do Their Job – Every journalist in America ought to be outraged by the hubris of this administration, as should every American who believes — along with Thomas Jefferson — that the press has a solemn duty to inform the public as to what government is doing in its name. It’s hard for the media to keep tabs on the government when the government is busy keeping tabs on the media.

RosarioMarin1Rosario Marin: We Should All Defend Our Freedoms With Our Own Voices – It is beyond comprehension how this administration has gone so astray. It pains  me to even think that we are at the verge of losing the foundation of our  existence as a country. The principles on which our country was founded are in  danger of being destroyed. More than anything else I am in shock. Yes, there is  outrage out there as there should be, and not just from Republicans. Yet what I  feel is a considerable sense of sadness.

DeroyMurdockDeroy Murdock: Big Government’s New Legacy of Scandals – If Obama’s Rose Parade of scandals gives you a headache, here’s why: This is your brain on Big Government. The deteriorating developments on Benghazi, the Internal Revenue Service and the Justice Department’s Associated Press probe all offer a vivid, daily tutorial on the pitfalls of unlimited government. The dangers of America’s bloated, bullying state are inescapable.

MalkinMichelle Malkin: Obama’s Emptiest Benghazi Talking Point – On Sept. 12, 2012, President Barack Obama vowed to “bring to justice” the perpetrators of the deadly attack in Benghazi, Libya. On Oct. 26, 2012, Obama said his “biggest priority” was bringing the “folks” in Libya responsible for murdering four Americans to “justice.” Tick, tock, tick, tock. While White House press secretary Jay Carney sneers at the GOP’s “obsession” with what went wrong at the besieged Libyan consulate, Obama continues to ply his emptiest talking point.

AlanKeyesAlan Keyes: Benghazi Lies, IRS Abuses: The Fabric of Tyranny – When scanned in light of his lifelong ideological commitment, the clownish  comedy of Obama’s occupation of the White House morphs into a fatal tragedy for  America’s constitutional republic; an HD mini-series that depicts the systematic  overthrow of self-government, of by and for the American people.

SilvioCantoSilvio Canto: Anger? Wait ‘Til People Do Their Taxes Next Year - In about 9 months, Americans will come face to face with ObamaCare. It will happen when they sit down to fill out their tax returns. My guess is that most people will be angry. The government is too big for one man to keep track SO we want to make the government bigger SO that he has more trouble keeping up with it? Welcome to the era of big government.

AnthonyBradleyAnthony Bradley: Affirmative Action Limits Opportunities For Asian Americans - One of the realities of using race to socially engineer the racial make-up of college freshman classes by elite decision-makers, is that it does nothing but perpetuate the injustice of institutional and planned discrimination. This is the greatest irony of affirmative action education policy. The attempt to redress past injustices does nothing but set the stage for new forms of injustice against other groups.

RobFortesRob Fortes: Conscience of a Black Conservative – For me the difference between the two parties is that the Republican Party believes the way forward for our country is to empower individuals, families, and communities to be the key decision makers of our own destinies.  Entrepreneurship and creativity, free from stifling government regulations, overreach and control, is the best way to grow and advance our society.

ReihanSalamReihan Salam: The Coming Debt Limit Negotiations and the REINS Act - Congressional Republicans are debating what they ought to demand in exchange for raising the debt limit. I am sympathetic to the view that we should not have a statutory debt limit. But if we’re going to have a negotation, what should Republican lawmakers ask for?

RaynardJacksonRaynard Jackson: The Destruction of the Black Family – The rise of the welfare state coincided with the rise of feminism, which basically said that a woman didn’t need a man—once they got a man’s sperm, he was totally irrelevant.  The convergence of the welfare state and feminism, has led to a prolonged assault on men and the traditional family unit.

KenBlackwellKen Blackwell: Presidential Preference: Pursuing German Homeschoolers – President Obama is suffering the not untypical reality of Second Term blues, or blahs. His administration is beset by scandals foreign and domestic. But his record can still be examined for a clear understanding of this president’s preferences, namely home schooling.

MarioLopezMario Lopez: Premature Babies, Victims Too of Obamacare Model – Some of the most vulnerable members of society –babies who are born prematurely– are becoming victims of a heartless bureaucratic mindset myopically focused on  short-term costs alone. In 2009, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued  revised guidelines that resulted in restricted medical options for premature  babies who suffer from severe Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).

GregoryKaneGregory Kane: Past Time for Holder To Go – Didn’t I say, a couple of years back, that the country needs to give Attorney General Eric Holder the boot? Now comes the news that Holder’s Justice Department has secretly obtained the phone records of the Associated Press, a journalistic organization that, supposedly, has First Amendment protection.



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