RosarioMarin1Rosario Marin: Where is the Economic Recovery? – Reading the headlines makes me wonder where the economic recovery is. Roughly 3/4 of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, with little to no emergency savings. The picture is not rosy when, according to the Federal Reserve Bank, the average U.S. family’s wealth plunged 40% in the recession. In the meantime the president and the first family are on their way to Africa on  a taxpayer-funded trip with an astronomical cost of $100 million.

DeroyMurdockDeroy Murdock: Morsi Must Go! – Muhammad (whose identity is obscured for protection) has a it with the Muslim Brotherhood. From the moment we meet, it takes the 30-something Egyptian three minutes, tops, before he expresses his crashing disappointment with his government. “The Muslim Brothers,” as he and others here call them, “have craved power for 85 years. Now they have it, and they cannot run anything. We were happy to be rid of Murbarak, but right now, we would take him back.”

JohnYooJohn Yoo: Jerry Brown Wins – What’s next for gay marriage after Windosr and Perry today? The story requires politics to move gay marriage forward, but the Supreme Court put a heavy weight on the scale against defenders of traditional marriage. There is a lot of political pain to come from both sides, but in the end the Court has given gays the advantage. The big winner in all of this? Jerry Brow, believe it or not.

RameshPonnuruRamesh Ponnuru: Doing Justice to Moral Intuition – Kay Hymowitz had a very deft review in the New York Times of Robert P. George’s new essay collection Conscience and Its Enemies. One observation of hers deserved some comment: “In the case of abortion…many people surely believe, as George does, that reason affirms the equal dignity and value of all human life from conception on. Yet though women often grieve a miscarriage  there is no human society where people mourn a fetus twelve weeks after conception to the same degree they do a stillbirth at seven months or (especially) the death of a one-year-old…”

AllenWestAllen West: Who Should Americans Trust as the Medicare Messenger? – Candidates running for election who love to use fear mongering and scare tactics to persuade voters are usually hiding their incompetency. It has never been more apparent than when it comes to debating the issue of Medicare. President Obama and the Democrats on Capitol Hill are constantly telling Americans that Republicans want to “End Medicare as we know it.” However, just by saying it does not make it true. Republicans understand that America has a responsibility to its seniors to preserve and protect Medicare and we are committed to our future generations of Americans.

AnthonyBradleyAnthony Bradley: Religious Liberty and the Regulatory Road to Serfdom – Religious and cultural progressives, secularists, and militant atheists pose a significant threat to religious freedom all in the name of “fairness.” What is not “unfair” is that religious communities are not free to not embrace cultural morality.

HermanCainHerman Cain: Dangerous Democrats vs. the Free Market – The American public is about to once again witness the liberals’ total disdain for, and ignorance of, the dynamics of capitalism and our free market economic system. Liberals in the House have already passed legislation to increase the federal minimum wage three times over the next two years. They have clearly voiced their economy-killing positions on issues ranging from tax rate increases to dictating what companies should pay their employees.

AlvedaKingDr. Alveda King: I Stand With Father Pavone (#istandwithfatherpavone) – Fr. Frank Pavone is highly respected for his dedication to the unborn and his determination to fight to en abortion. I am truly grateful that he is not afraid to speak the truth and challenge those that would spread lies. That is why I’m not afraid to stand with Father Pavone in his latest #LetterToNancy campaign at

AlanKeyesAlan Keyes: High Court on DOMA: Borderline Insane – In their argument against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in United States v. Windsor, the Supreme Court justices in the majority allude to the fact that marriage and the regulations of law and administration connected with it have always been regarded as matters to be determined by the state governments, under the auspices of the people in their respective states. They rely on the impression that this longstanding practice means that the Constitution prohibits the federal legislature from constraining the acts of state governments in this regard.

ReihanSalamReihan Salam: Same-Sex Parenting Paved the Way for Same-Sex Marriage – In the United States support for gay adoption is fairly widespread, for reasons Alison Gash recently explored in the Washington Monthly. Gash argues that the success of same-sex parenting movement was an important precursor to the success of the same-sex marriage movement, which makes sense. Indeed, one could argue that the under-the-radar success of the same-sex parenting movement made the job of opposing same-sex civil marriage far more difficult than most critics understood a decade ago.

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