JenniferOliverOConnellJennifer Oliver O’Connell: Eric Holder uses Trayvon Martin to Attack the 2nd Amendment – Attorney General Eric Holder used his powers as attorney general to fan the flames of racial tension before and in the wake of the George Zimmerman trial. His purpose is twofold: to distract from his own scandalous Department of Justice, and to erode the Second Amendment. To Holder, “Justice for Trayvon” is simply a smokescreen to limit gun rights.

LloydMarcusLloyd Marcus: Say you got that feelin’ we need racial healin’ – Sincere well-intentioned Americans are asking, “What must we do to heal the racial divide following the Zimmerman trial?” What my naïve fellow Americans do not comprehend is that the Democratic party and the mainstream media are heavily invested in keeping racial tension alive. During Obama’s presidency, race exploitation has been on steroids, used by Obama minions to silence opposition to his lawless implementation of his socialist agenda. Therefore, Democrats and the MSM will continue stirring the pot of racial division until it is no longer profitable.

ChavezLinda Chavez: Inciting Racial Paranoia – In speaking to the NAACP last week in the wake of the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin, Attorney General Eric Holder performed a serious disservice to his audience and to his office. By suggesting that the Department of Justice might pursue civil rights charges against Zimmerman for Martin’s death, Holder encouraged the belief that racism motivated the shooting.

AliAkbarAli Akbar: Tough Truths Are Tough – For some, the final tough truth is that jury made the correct decision. A nation of laws can govern a nation of many colors, nothing else can. Zimmerman acted with allowable reaction to a series of unlikely events put in motion by both Zimmerman and Martin. Now consider these truths. These truths mean little to race relations. It’s a truth that does not benefit newspaper sales, blog pageviews, or the cable news cycle. It is the truth though…

AJ DelgadoA.J. Delgado: Outrage Against Marc Anthony Shows Racism Against Latinos Is Alive and Well – Latino superstar Marc Anthony, the Grammy-award-winning and multi-platinum artist, sang a stunning rendition of “God Bless America” at the 2013 MLB All Star Game in New York City’s Citi Field.  But what should have been a moment of national unity and patriotism, instead turned into a moment highlighting a persistent ugliness in American culture: prejudice against Latinos.

JavierManjarresJavier Manjarres: The Hispanic Color Wheel, From White to Brown – Is it fair for society to start splitting racial hairs? If so, describing individuals by skin half-tones is completely acceptable, after all, the media has made it acceptable to refer to George Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic.” Here are some prominent, and not so prominent  public figures, who are all Hispanic, but  look a little different than one another.

RonMillerRon Miller: Looking for the Exit – What we need to do as citizens is to take responsibility for fixing things right where we live, and looking to government as a last resort, and only after we’ve concluded we cannot solve the problems ourselves. Too many times, we look to government to do for us what we are empowered to do ourselves, and we pour an inordinate amount of time, talent, toil and treasure into a process which is ultimately about power, not principles or problem-solving.

ArturDavisArtur Davis: Obama’s Inadequacies on Race – The blunt truth of Obama’s presidency is that America during his tenure still struggles under the burden of racial assumptions, is poisoned by the most toxic civil discourse since the sixties, and is still a wildly different kind of enterprise for the average black boy or black girl than their white counterparts. One of the bluntest failings of this presidency is how little it has done to break the back of any single one of those stubborn truths.

CrystalWrightCrystal Wright: Zimmerman, the Media and Black Leaders Pimping of Blacks - It demeans the intelligence of blacks for David Gregory to continue to invite race hustlers like Al Sharpton on his show to act as the spokesman for “black America,” telling blacks what to think then conveying it to whites. Gregory doesn’t have white people on his show to discuss what white America is feeling and thinking because whites are treated as individuals, not a monolithic group.

LarryWalkerLarry Walker: Trayvon’s Fatal Mistake – Do these three things and you will not fail: Resist evil with good, lay hands on no man suddenly, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Trayvon’s fatal mistake came the moment he decided to physically assault Zimmerman. It wasn’t so much the act itself, but rather the decision to commit the act that matters.

KevinFobbsKevin Fobbs: Did Race Baiters like Al Sharpton nearly get George Zimmerman Convicted? – There is a class of people in this nation that are the problem profiteering pimps of race baiting who gain nothing from eliminating the source of barriers that block progress for black people. That is why they have nurtured the frenzy of hate against George Zimmerman.  They worked for well over a century, even before 1911 to manufacture a hysteria that could bolster their own economic standing in terms of their bank account, with no account for validity, accuracy or the truth. Their practices have been hewn from the tree of hate, because it is in hate that they rise and it is in falseness that they thrive. Black progress is their adversary and nemesis.

MalkinMichelle Malkin: Slavery in America, Saudi-Style – Yes, there’s a war on women in America. But it’s not the phony “war” that tampon-hurling feminists are always shrieking about — as they did last week in Texas to protest tougher regulations on dangerous late-term abortion clinics. No, I’m talking about a real war on women waged by Saudi royals and elites who’ve imported human trafficking and abuse of domestic workers onto U.S. soil.

HermanCainHerman Cain: Washington can learn from Detroit’s Fate . . . If It’s Willing – No one can send in an emergency manager to run the federal government, but neither can anyone shield us forever from the consequences of what our elected officials are doing there. Detroit shows us: You cannot keep up this game forever. Nations have collapsed under the weight of their own economic delusion. Leaders in every city should study what happened in Detroit and make sure they are not on the way to the same fate, and that especially includes the city on the banks of the Potomac River – where the delusion and denial are eerily similar, but on a shockingly larger scale.

KenBlackwellKen Blackwell: Why Pay Clintons Top Dollar for No Answers on Jerusalem? – Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is commanding big speaking fees. She regularly gets $200,000 for unburdening her mind on important topics of the day. Bill Clinton has topped all former presidents, however, in speaking for dollars. He can command as much as $500,000 for a 45-minute address. That ain’t chopped liver. As interesting as it would be to hear these very knowledgeable folks, however, one thing they do not tell us is why they thought it was a good idea to divide Jerusalem and give a portion of it to Yasser Arafat’s PLO faction.

StarParkerStar Parker: Blocking Walmart From Washington, D.C. Would Hurt Poor – Why, when capitalism has created wealth and eradicated poverty, do left-wing politicians hate it so much? After all, it’s supposed to be the left that cares about the poor.  The latest chapter in this ongoing saga of economic perversity is playing out in Washington, D.C., as the district attempts to prevent Wal-Mart Stores Inc. from opening outlets there.

AnthonyBradleyAnthony Bradley: What Nietzsche and Croly Tell Us About Progressives – When a politician or religious person says that he or she is a “progressive” or attaches “progressive” as an adjective to their ideological and ecclesiastical commitments, you can predict what will follow: an aggressive series of programs designed to conform society to the most recent trending moral and social fad even though history has proven to us again and again much of what actually works.

EllisWashingtonEllis Washington: Utopia, Eugenics and Today’s Progressives – Since 1900 the question of eugenics has been inextricably connected with leftists alarm at population explosion. Their solution: global birth control, genocide and democide. It was not just that the wrong people were breeding, eugenicists protested, but that the planet was becoming choked with humanity.

DeroyMurdockDeroy Murdock: Fracking is Clean and Green – The only thing deeper than a natural gas well is the ignorance of the  anti-fracking crowd. Fracking — formally called hydraulic fracturing — involves briefly pumping water, sand, and chemicals into shale formations far  below Earth’s surface and the aquifers that irrigate crops and quench human  thirst.  What’s not to like? This fuel is all-American, and the profits stay here — not  in the hands of people who want to kill us.

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