RosarioMarin1Rosario Marin: Obamacare, From The Get-Go A Hard Pill To Swallow – Obamacare, the signature accomplishment and pride and joy of President Obama, is unraveling, and fast. From the get-go it was a hard pill to swallow. So much so because it was shoved down Congress’ throats without even giving them the courtesy of time to read the 2,700-page document. Infamously, the ever so thoughtful Speaker of the House at the time, Nancy Pelosi, declared that they had to pass the bill before they could read it, to understand what was on it.

LindaVegaLinda Vega: Tumbling Obamacare By Dismantling The IRS – Earlier this year the Obama Administration announced that ACA – “ObamaCare” — would not be fully implemented because its complexities and uncertainties were causing great confusion. Instead, the business mandate will be pushed forward to 2015 when it is expected that most states will decline full participation.  The delays reflect growing public disapproval.

ArmstrongWilliamsArmstrong Williams: Sense of Entitlement Wrecks Education – Anything just given away means nothing. America’s public education system  has become the quintessence of that idea — a “free” system that produces  unprepared and overly entitled youths worth little to nothing to the future of  America. The high-minded progressives see public education as something to be  protected from private competition and the ravages of better, more innovative  systems from not only domestic systems independent of the decayed U.S.  institution, but also those from abroad.

SamuelRodriguezSamuel Rodriguez: Immigration reform’s biblical obligation – On Wednesday, hundreds of evangelicals and evangelical leaders from across the country will converge on Washington, D.C., with a unified message: We need immigration reform now, and we are praying for our members of Congress to follow through. As president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, I see the urgent need for immigration reform based on biblical values.

HarryJacksonHarry Jackson Jr.: Nightmare on Immigration Street – Sandra and Isaac, like many members of my church, are highly educated, law-abiding West Africans who would love to become Americans citizens or at least permanent legal residents. Unfortunately, their Green Card applications have been mired in decades of red tape. Yet a bill being debated in Congress right now would put 11 million people who entered the country illegally (or overstayed their initial visas illegally) on a “path to citizenship” that would add to Sandra and Isaac’s bureaucratic nightmare.

RameshPonnuruRamesh Ponnuru: Anthony Weiner’s Record-Setting Press Conference – So what have we learned about Anthony Weiner today? We already knew he was a creep, a narcissist and a liar. Today’s revelations, leading up to his press conference — which will win him an an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records for “most pressers about the same sex scandal” — did not change that impression so much as deepen it.

RaulMasCanosaRaul Mas Canosa: I Am Not Trayvon. I Am An American. – I was deeply offended by Jesús Iñiguez’s opinion piece “Hispanic or Not, We Are All Trayvon Martin.” I have to hand it to Mr. Iñiguez though. He has cojones. When an illegal alien (yes, here illegally) has the audacity to criticize the legal and constitutional underpinnings of the very country that shelters him, the world has indeed turned upside down.

MychalMassieMychal Massie: Are Black Americans Really So Blind? – The cries for revenge and insistence that because George Zimmerman was acquitted for killing Trayvon Martin in self-defense somehow translates into a death threat to all young black men are beyond irrational to me.  It is incongruous to me that people choose to exhibit national outrage over one justifiable incident while they ignore atrocities that said outrage would be well spent addressing.

WendellTalleyWendell Talley: We’re All Social Issues Voters – In a recent Politico piece on Marco Rubio and his mega-donors that was the literary equivalent of throwing a brick through a front window, Kellie Rose Ferguson, executive director of Republican Majority for Choice, warned,”When we start focusing on the social issues, we give the electorate a really bad taste for the Republican Party. We’re about limiting government in all aspects and we want to make sure it’s applied to social issues.”

AlvedaKingAlveda King: A Refreshing Testimony from a Childhood TV Personality – As for strengthening the African American family and indeed the human family, we as parents, yes parents, plural, need to teach our children and grandchildren how to live moral, righteous lives. Of course parents, men and women, mothers and fathers are created equal but are assigned different life roles. So as parents, each has a role to play in the raising of our children.

BET: Who’s Afraid of Black Republicans?



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