SilvioCantoSilvio Canto: Memo to President Obama: Ho is No George Washington – Did I hear just hear an anti-Vietnam war speech from 1971? Remember when the speakers used to say that Ho Chi Minh was George Washington and the Viet Cong were sort like “the Indo China Founding Fathers”? Remember the Viet Cong flags waved by young American idiots unaware or ignorant that dozens of US soldiers were held and tortured at the infamous Hanoi Hilton?

JavierManjarresJavier Manjarres: Obama Insults Congresswoman’s Wounded Vietnam Veteran Husband – President Barack Obama’s recent statement that Communist leader Ho Chi Minh was “inspired” by the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution, has insulted scores of Americans both living and deceased, especially Florida Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, whose husband fought and was injured during the Vietnam War.

RameshPonnuruRamesh Ponnuru: Christie’s Dumb Attack on Libertarians – Libertarians are an important part of the Republican coalition. Republican politicians frequently disagree with libertarians on issues, but a broad-brush attack will understandably anger them. And even Republicans who aren’t down-the-line libertarians share some of their concerns. These Republicans can be persuaded to overcome their libertarian instincts on many issues — but not by being told that they shouldn’t have these instincts in the first place.

DannydeGraciaDanny de Gracia: The Myth of Chris Christie’s Two-Party “Libertarian Strain” – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie sparked a firestorm of rebuke from Rand Paul supporters and libertarian partisans when he suggested this week that a growing “libertarian strain” in both parties was dangerous for America’s national security. What Christie calls libertarianism however is nothing more than Congress going through its usual tantrums of feigned concern – the reality is that elected Democrats and Republicans are incrementally abolishing liberty and the American way of life.

StephenCarterStephen L. Carter: How to Get Obama Out of His Bubble – Perhaps we should revive a great American tradition that was practiced, unbroken, from the time of George Washington through the administration of Herbert Hoover: Once a year, on Jan. 1, the president would make himself available to shake hands with as many people as waited in line. (Some presidents also held a public reception on the Fourth of July or on Inauguration Day.)

MalkinMichelle Malkin: A Failed Celebr-Ambassador Returns to Washington – Welcome to another installment of No Obama Bundler Left Behind. This chapter stars an elite Hollywood fundraiser who scored a plum diplomatic appointment, slacked off on the job and left her public office in disgrace, and then rebounded from failure as a new Obamacare promoter. Nice crony “work” if you can get it. This failed celebr-ambassador is Nicole Avant.

AlvedaKingAlveda King: Flipping the “Freedom Rides” Concept on Its Head – On July 12, 2013 I blogged about the ‘Abortion Rights Freedom Rides’ the Pro-Abortion Movement is having which began Tuesday, July 23 in New York and San Francisco. The Freedom Rides of 1961 were held to fight for the rights of Black Americans. Those rights, the right to be free of discrimination, which were being denied, if given, would not infringe on the rights of other citizens.

HumbertoFontovaHumberto Fontova: UN Honors Warmonger, Bookburner, Mass-Murderer (Che Guevara) – At a ceremony in Havana last week, UNESCO (U.N. Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) honored Che Guevara by enshrining his writings in its hallowed “Memory of the World Register.” The ceremony included several members of Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s family.

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