StephenCarterStephen L. Carter: Who Killed Online Privacy? We Did. – If we don’t want anyone to know what we’re buying, we’ll have to visit brick-and-mortar stores and pay cash. If we don’t want those who are sworn to protect us reading our e-mail and listening to our calls, we’ll have to meet our friends in person. It’s our growing unwillingness to take those time-consuming steps that’s killing our privacy.

MalkinMichelle Malkin: The Epic Meltdown of the Gun-Grabbers – We’ve got a Rocky Mountain outbreak of Acute Sore Loser Fever. After failing to stave off two historic recall bids on Tuesday, two delusional state legislators and their national party bosses just can’t help but double-down and trash voters as dumb, sick, criminal and profligate. The ululations of gun-grabbing Democrats here in my adopted home state are reverberating far and wide.

AnthonyBradleyAnthony Bradley: Is de Blasio The New Left? – It seems that young adults in the Democratic Party are far more radical than what America saw in the Clinton White House. In fact, as the article notes, Bill de Blasio winning the Democratic Party’s nomination to run for New York City mayor is a signal of this new direction. If those who love liberty are not paying attention to this shift they should: de Blasio’s platform is one that we are likely to see more and more at the local and state level.

MychalMassieMychal Massie: Kerry On Chemical Weapons: They Were There Before They Were There – Obama attacked President Bush for years pursuant to the Iraq war, and now Obama and his liberal minions are A)blaming Bush for the problems in Syria and B)clamoring that America has a sworn duty to go to war with Syria and depose the legally elected leader — which will, without question, result in a Sharia state.

la_shawn_barberLa Shawn Barber: The road to the destruction of Damascus? – The situation in Syria, for instance, has become an international incident, with the United States debating whether to strike. Some Christians see the current situation in Syria potentially pointing to Isaiah 17, which foretells the annihilation of Damascus, the capital city. One camp believes the prophecy was fulfilled in 732 B.C., when the Assyrians conquered Damascus, while others believe the prophecy has yet to be fulfilled.

WilliamReedWilliam Reed: Surviving John Lewis – We are complicit in our own demise. We refuse to hold John Lewis, Black elected officials and executives that became post-civil rights movement power brokers accountable. Somehow Black voters can’t see that the blame for our paltry economic status goes to African-American voters who regularly return Black incumbents like Lewis to local and national office. Black Democrats hold 43 of the 50 least competitive seats in the Congress.

ChavezLinda Chavez: Living Wage Bills Hurt Everyone – Wal-Mart has become the bete noire of leftist activists and unions. The retail giant is the nation’s largest private employer, many of whose workers earn relatively low wages, and yet has been able to fend off labor unions for decades. Big Labor has launched aggressive anti-Wal-Mart campaigns, and last month a coalition of unions and left-wing activists held demonstrations in several cities protesting wages and benefits at Wal-Mart and several big fast-food employers.


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